Made for the Mix and Jam 2020, where the theme was 'mixing genres'. 

For my genres, I wanted to try and mix in something outside of games - so I started thinking about songs, and what it would mean for a video game to have the structure of a song. Pop songs are often divided into a structure like - intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, outro. In this game, you play through a short narrative that follows this structure, repeating the verse and chorus of the gameplay, with a separate intro, outro, and bridge.

It's an experiment, and certainly doesn't line up perfectly, but was fun to try out and think about a different kind of narrative structure for a game!

The music doesn't fit too well, but it something I wrote a few weeks ago while learning how to make digital music, so is also in a fairly rough state and was useful for testing :)

Thanks for playing!

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AuthorClaire Morwood
Made withUnity


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Skimming stones has always been something I love to do and this captures the slow but exciting feeling of collecting pebbles and tossing them into the sea, the 'bridge' section is soo cool and different!!