Cat's Out of the Bag! - a jam entry for the Bitsy Secret Jam 

Recommended listening / I made a soundtrack for the 'film':

Controls: Arrow keys

IMDB entry:

Cat's Out of the Bag! (1989) is a coming of age film following Cat, a shy teenager, who wreaks havoc by spreading her classmates' secrets around the school. The film received a score of 21.

Game data available here:

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
AuthorClaire Morwood
GenreRole Playing
Made withbitsy


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nice game, I really enjoyed the story.

Thanks ^_^

Wow I can't believe I haven't seen this until now! This is so good Claire, you really captured the feel perfectly. Lovely soundtrack as well

ah thank you so much ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed it!

omg this was amazing!! i love how everything looks and i think by the end i was desperate to just find out how everyone's narratives were going to end and just god somehow i feel like it kinda made me get a little emotional haha this was so good!

Well that was bloody superb! Genuinely gasped when Ashley had her revelation in science class :) Well done, really enjoyed it, top marks for the sprite work and choice of soundtrack too :)

I've been looking at the thumbnail of this game for months and finally got around to playing it and I am so glad it's even cooler than it looks! The sprite work is so good and the eavesdropping method of delivering narrative is so well done!

Also, the soundtrack for this rules!!!   


Aww thank you so much! :D Really glad you enjoyed it!

I feel like I just watched a movie :') Cat is actually super creepy when you think about it XD

This was so entertaining <3 Looking forward to more awesome stuffs in the future!

Ah thank you!! Haha yeah she's so creepy, I still don't really feel like I understand her character! 

I adore everything about this! Super impressed with how you were able to weave together the stories of a dozen characters, and how you successfully recreated the structure of a teen comedy in a bitsy game :)

Thank you! Haha it was really challenging ><! Trying to make them feel individual in a 8x8 sprite was really fun! The fact that you can't have dialogue back and forth made it really interesting to try and work around too :)


well I thought you did a great job with the sprites! I wonder if features like character portraits or name bars for speakers would help with conversational dialog

Thank you! oh name bars would be really cool actually, maybe as an optional thing? I actually made a list of a few suggestions/issues I had while making the game, maybe I could send it to you? What would be the best way to do that?

I would love to see that list! Could you start a new topic in the bitsy forum here on itch? There's a suggestions category you can post in

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I ♥ Shadow Velouria! Thank you for sharing Claire! The perfect 80s web of teenage life, love and betrayal.


I want to make a badge that says that now :p thank you!!

I want to buy a badge that says that now!