CONTROLS - click and hold/drag in a direction! If you reach the grey squarey area, that's the edge of that section, but there's lots of paths to go along

This System is a game I made within a few days while in some nice locations at the coast. 

It's primarily about cyclicity - within nature and within emotions/life situations, and about parallels that could be seen between them.

It's also about being outside (somewhere we don't normally go to make games!), and taking time to notice and enjoy things.

It was made on my phone using Flatpack (, except for the audio, which I recorded on the default Android voice recorder, and stitched it together in Audacity.

I hope you like it! It was very fun to make :)

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AuthorClaire Morwood
Made withUnity


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awesome! I ask myself how did a game with flatpack. Your game is a good example!

Thank you! Flatpack is such a fun tool to use :D I had a great time making this game and being able to go outside lots for the art!

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this is beautiful Claire... thank you so much for sharing. I could listen to this soundtrack forever. why am I crying, hah the sound of waves started just as I typed that and i'm smiling. Now the crackling fire. I want to stay here...


thank you so much :) I'm kind of humbled it had that effect! The soundtrack was almost an afterthought, and I'm glad I put it in! It's amazing though as soon as I decided to put the sound in I started noticing sounds around me a lot more - like, I never really noticed before that rain is made up of loads of layers of drops hitting various surfaces with different materials, I guess they all merge into one when you record the whole lot though!